See DEI Differently

Your company spends thousands of dollars every year on diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. Now see where those dollars went and the impact they made.



Your tool to collect and analyze DEI data from across your company, align DEI to your company’s business objectives, understand the ROI of your DEI initiatives and guide your DEI goals and efforts over time.



Your tool to collect and analyze baseline DEI data from your clients, develop strategy to improve their results over time and show the impact of your work across all your clients.

Make Data-Driven DEI Decisions

You can only improve what you measure. Collect the data you need to make informed decisions about how to improve your impact on DEI in your company and the world.

Our Solutions

Take a Comprehensive Look at DEI Across All Business Operations

No more blind spots. Look at DEI across your entire company.

Allow all your leaders to see the role they play in creating the equitable company you and your stakeholders’ desire.

Equip your DEI Leaders with the tools they need to succeed.

Improve DEI Because You Can Measure It

A business metric for DEI

Get an actionable, trackable measure of DEI in your company based on our patent-pending scoring methodology

An equity report and analysis

Make sense of your DEI data with an in-depth analysis of the indicators that drive your score to help you understand which strategies are working and which are not

A tool to guide DEI strategy

See return on your DEI investments by guiding efforts to the areas where it’s needed most and engaging your team in the process

Our Mission It's quite simple...

to enable individual and corporate citizens to take data-driven actions that create more equitable companies, that create a more equitable world.

Introducing a New
  • System
  • Standard
  • Platform

Welcome to the EIA Score™

Multiple levels of analysis in one metric. The most complete measure of DEI for companies and government institutions.

Levels of Analysis

The three areas of focus for your DEI examination based on the experiences of people inside and outside your company


The high-level domains within each level of analysis where company practices impact DEI


A set of indicators within each dimension that reflect the ways a company can impact equity for different groups of people


A set of metrics that reflect specific decision points within company activities that shape the conditions and experiences for different groups of people


Quantified measures of the specific policies, practices, and results of team decisions on equity in the company


All data points are specific to your industry to ensure relevance and maximize impact

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