The Equity Brain Trust is the company behind Equiscore BI™. Our mission is to enable individual and corporate citizens to create more equitable companies that create a more equitable world.

Our Why

We help our customers solve for equity.

150 million people work in our country – that means companies represent one of the greatest opportunities improve our society by scaling impact. But it won’t happen by checking boxes and hoping it helps. We help you identify and target your DEI investments to the places that will have real impact for your company and the people you touch.

Our Guiding Values

Data-driven DEI

we take a data-driven approach to measurably improve equity.
We seek to build a data and continuous improvement culture in the companies that use our solutions. We also hold ourselves accountable for bringing in people, creating processes and providing a product that will achieve that result.

Relationship + Collaboration

a culturally plural collection of knowledge, skills and perspectives are needed to redesign our companies and institutions to be equitable.
We work in community with our partners, customers and team to align and achieve our shared goals because solving one of society's biggest social problems requires all hands on (and pushing) the plow.

Flexibility + Agility

our goal of creating a more equitable world is firm but our approach is flexible.
Our team, processes and product will evolve as our understanding of the challenges, opportunities and effectiveness of different strategies deepen. We will maintain a structure that enables us to be agile and to quickly adapt to new information.

Safety + Trust

we build and maintain trust with our partners, customers and team to overcome the political nature of the issues we address.
That trust is not predicated on avoiding problems and hard conversations but in creating safe spaces to have tough conversations and tackle the issues in the way of realizing our shared vision of a more equitable world.


creating a more equitable world is an audacious goal that requires our team, our partners and our customers to dream big, and believe in our collective ability to achieve the dream.
It means taking bold steps, having bold conversations and being willing to challenge the status quo - even when its our own decisions that reflect the status quo. We will remain audacious in the face of the obstacles that we know lie ahead - because equity is our bottom line.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Angel St. Jean

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

“I believe a more equitable world is possible. We will achieve it the same way we achieve every other business goal we have – by being intentional.”

Rob Drayton

Chief Technology Officer

“Technology is disrupting every industry. I’m excited to use my technology skills to disrupt the way companies achieve equity.”

Travis Hamburg

Chief Financial Officer

“We each have a role to play in creating the equitable world we all say we want to see. We will do it when we put action behind our values.”

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